CPEチャレンジ: Best of ISC2 Security Congress 2023

去年参加できなかったSecurity Congress 2023のセッションのベスト版がみれるということで、こちら Best of ISC2 Security Congress 2023 購入しました。

ISC2会員であれば $119でした。セッションは全部で16あり、全部見れば16CPE獲得できるようです。


  • Brand Yourself for Success in Your Cybersecurity Career
  • Cloud Architectures: Secure Experimentation and Innovation
  • Defending Against Token Theft
  • First Look - How the Economy, Skills Gap, and AI Are Challenging the Cybersecurity Workforce
  • Generative AI: Your New Secret Weapon or Insider Threat?
  • How Bad Actors Achieve Total Domain Takeover in 30 Minutes
  • Legal Perspectives on the NIST AI Risk Management Framework
  • Leaning from History: What Past Cyber Attacks Taught Us
  • Managing Up: Communication Strategies for Effective Board Reporting
  • Protecting the ML Pipeline: Practicing Guidance for Securing Macine Learning Systems
  • The Art of Privilege Escalation - How Hackers Become Admins
  • The Day After: Managing Post-Incident Hardening and Resiliency
  • Through the Eyes of Bad Actors: How They View Your Applications
  • Trust Me: Building Safe and Trustworthy AI
  • Zero Trust and Third-Party Risk: Reduce the Blast Radius
  • Zero Trust Threat Modeling